Introducing Easibag... the handy bag on a roll!

Easibags are strong, multi-purpose plastic bags on a roll with a hundred uses around the home. At 18” long they're large enough to wrap a small baton sandwich, plus you can use them for sports, travel and for lining your 3 or 5-litre pedal bins. Keep an eye out for our new dispenser packs in supermarkets and stores near you!

Easibag Dispenser Pack

Easibag Food & Freezer Bag Dispenser Packs NEW

With 50 large bags on the roll, our new dispenser packs make Easibags the perfect choice for sandwiches, food and freezer. The packs are just the right size for a cupboard or drawer and the unique design enables bags to be pulled out of the dispenser one at a time. Plus, with Easibags you can grab a bag without handling the roll, which makes them a hygienic solution for food preparation. The roll core is made of cardboard too, so the empty pack can be recycled with your other paper and cardboard packaging.

And now... Easibags for sports, travel, decorating and more!

Easibags will soon be on sale in a wide variety of retailers. Visit our products page to see the many ways they can make your life easier. Keep an eye on this website for details of your nearest Easibag stockist, or join our mailing list and we'll keep you updated on the latest news about our products.

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